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For Sale By Owner FAQ's
Free For Sale By Owner Website - Selling My Home Myself

Our Most Common Free FSBO Website Questions Answered

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Q: Free? What's the catch?
A: There is no catch. No fee, no spin, no angles, no kidding.
Q: Can I have more than one Listing on ListOnTheWeb?
A: Yes, you can have many! We have yet to set a limit.
Q: My City is not shown in the choices under my State?
A: perpetually seeks to have every city/town in every State available. If your City is not shown, please send us a quick email via the Contact Us page advising of the City name and State to which it belongs. ListOnTheWeb staff will add it immediately, thank you.
Q: How many photos can I upload per Listing?
A: Each Listing can have up to 12 photos.
Q: Can I deactivate my Listing anytime?
A: Yes. Anytime.
Q: Will my Listing be indexed by the major search engines?
A: Yes. Much effort has been spent on Search Engine Optimization [SEO]. To boost your listing exposure even more, consider sharing your Listings URL on other Web Sites, Blogs or similar.
Q: Does my Listing automatically expire?
A: No. However staff may remove a Listing if it appears to be a 'test' Listing or contains images or text that violates the Terms and Conditions agreed to when registering.
Q: Does ListOnTheWeb collect any private information?
A: notes the users IP address during the sending of any email and the uploading of listing photos.
Q: Will my email address be given to marketers/spammers?
A: No. only uses email address for internal needs such as password reset, signing-in, ect.

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